Profile ID : 5226

First Name : INDRANI


City : Delhi, Delhi

Date of Birth : 1995-04-03

Height : 5ft 9in

Weight : 62 kg

Skin Color : Dusky

Hair Color : black

Eye Color : brown

About Me : I love to travel, food , movies , shoppings, family and friends they all are my life essentials. I am little bit of kanjoos in the terms of money because I tend to save them always. You ll find me crazy sometime but as well smart on the same time . I love to get dressed up and then going out for any party and all but I don’t do it very often as I am a master student . I love to listen to people I love to observe people how they do things how they walk and talk I think most of the time if I am not doing anything so I am observing people around me . I am also a very good motivator ( I have got so many compliments on this) and yes I am firmly believe I am a good motivatior I know how to lift up anybodys mood . I guess this is all I have .

Hobbies/Interests : Dancing , travelling, iceskating

Sports : Ice skating