Profile ID : 5892

First Name : LAVANYA

Last Name : NAMBI

City : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Date of Birth : 1999-01-21

Height : 5ft 7in

Weight : 58 kg

Skin Color : Dusky

Hair Color : black

Eye Color : black

About Me : I am an out of the box person whose aim in life is to promote peace in the world. Hence, I have chosen the field of journalism to achieve my aim. I believe that talent and hard work go hand in hand and that neither of them can exist without the other. This is the exact mantra I try to follow each day in my life. I have got big dreams and I am confident enough to achieve it, if not today then surely in the coming days. Thank you

Hobbies/Interests : Reading novels, writing poems, acting, dancing

Sports : Swimming, basket ball, sprinting, cricket