Profile ID : 6034

First Name : MONIKA

Last Name : THAKKAR

City : Vadodara, Gujarat

Date of Birth : 1996-01-09

Height : 5ft 4in

Weight : 50 kg

Skin Color : Wheatish

Hair Color : brown

Eye Color : brown

About Me : I am a learner, an artist, a thinker, creative, humanitarian and expressionist.I am, combination of Sapiosexual & Demisexual at once, basically having andro-sexuality. Passion drives me. Interests keep me awake. Humanity makes me fall in love. I have been a tuition teacher & nanny; worked as a broker, a visa consultant, have managed a cafe; also have done professional photoshoots as model; and have acted in web series and ad shoots. I am a simple girl with not so simple life, having big aspirations.

Hobbies/Interests : Reading, writing, watching movie/series/dramas

Sports : Badminton, kho-kho