Profile ID : 2866

First Name : AVIKA

Last Name : GUPTA

City : Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Date of Birth : 1999-05-18

Height : 5ft 3in

Weight : 54 kg

Skin Color : Wheatish

Hair Color : black

Eye Color : black

About Me : I’d say I’m a person who believes in being herself in a world where everyone is constantly trying to be someone else. If I’ve to describe myself then I’d say I’m an ambivert. I’ve seen how life works and have had lot many hardships which made me really strong. I’m a really strong person both inside and out. I want to change things going around for the betterment of the people and being a recognisable face, I’d be able to do it much easily.

Hobbies/Interests : Writing, doodling,photography, dancing

Sports : Badminton