Profile ID : 4673

First Name : JYOTI

Last Name : PRASAD

City : New Delhi, Delhi

Date of Birth : 1996-08-03

Height : 5ft 1in

Weight : 44 kg

Skin Color : Wheatish

Hair Color : brown

Eye Color : brown

About Me : I’m very passionate about what I want to become. I’m studies as I completed graduation in Bsc in homescience looking forward towards my studies apart from that I’m a part time blogger. I’m small girl with big dreams in my eyes don’t want to waste my life doing 9-5job I want to become something where everybody knows me but my height is short that’s why I’m so demotivated but this a best platform we’re I can showcase my skills. And prove myself to the world. That I’m the best !! 🙂

Hobbies/Interests : Blogging ,modelling , makeup

Sports : None