Profile ID : 5374

First Name : DANISH

Last Name : ALAM

City : Howrah, West Bengal

Date of Birth : 1998-06-29

Height : 5ft 8in

Weight : 60 kg

Skin Color : Fair

Hair Color : black

Eye Color : black

About Me : Hi everyone My name is Danish alam .I am 19 years old and I m from howrah which is located near highly river at west bengal. I have campleted 10 and 12 standard with descent I am doing btech and also try to enter modling or acting career.i dont like to do hard work where I havent interested. My hobbies is flirt with girls .My strength is my passions and my passion is that works that give me happiness.i never feel or realise my weakness for the long time because whenever I found out my weakness than I make sure it is my short time weekness. I like creavie idea that why i have joined btech and also try to join with you .and my profile.

Hobbies/Interests : Gyuming

Sports : Cricket